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Monday, 01 August 2016 00:00

Social Responsibility

Irantile is committed to working to preserve the environment by the efficient and responsible use of available resources in the organization and respecting regulations.

All these efforts have been recognised by independent organisations such as the GreenGuard Environmental Institute which, with its programmes “Indoor Air Quality” and “Children & Schools” certify sustainable production with low emissions of chemical products. This therefore allows Irantile to guarantee that it is protecting people’s health, the environment and, in short, the quality of life. These Efforts include:

  • Involving suppliers in the common objective of preserving the environment
  • Promoting awareness by the prevention of pollution and sustainable development at all levels of the production chain
  • The use of the most advanced technology in the block extraction process and the manufacture of its products, with special emphasis on improving energy efficiency, saving and recycling water, as well as respect for the surroundings and the environment
  • Promoting ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and give commercial value to waste
  • Support customers’ worries about the environment by providing them with high quality products with the added value of respect for the environment and the protection of health

Irantile also promotes the ECO-STONE, Project which is aimed at reducing energy consumption in the Natural Stone production process and producing final products by more efficient use of energy, so benefiting producers, end-users and the environment.

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