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In 1994, 'Iran Tile Company'

 was officially opened in the presence of Iran's industry minister at the time, and it entered the stone industry with importing the complete tile lines from Italy. Playing a pioneering role in processing and producing the products which are comparable in quality with the best products internationally has always remained deep in our company policy to maintain.

Pursuing this policy encouraged the company directors to take the development and expansion of the product line and slab's processing into more consideration. Moreover, they have always considered continuing innovative work in exploiting the latest technology by importing the slab production line from Italy in 2004 and equipping the factory with Resin line machinery and repair processes.

Iran tile is now one of the most innovative stone industry companies in Iran. Equipped with the most modern production lines and also employing updated processes, as well as having 30 years of experience in this field, the company regards stone processing as its expertise and efficient customer services as its main focus.

Relying on experience and ability, the company managed to routinize cutting and processing the imported rocks in its factory for the first time along with processing the prominent stone from Iran's mines. Continuous importing the Emprador stone, whose processing requires a professional expertise and precision, from Spain's mines and converting it into the tile and slab with a quality equalling among the best in the world. 
Here are some of the abilities and products of the Irantile company displayed in this set.

Why Choose Us

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To provide solutions to market needs and trends by focusing on innovation, technology and customer service.

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Irantile has branches distributed throughout the world and own distribution warehouses with the aim of improving the service its customers and catering for their requirements.

The geographical spread of the company is synonymous with service and accessibility which allows it to maximise its growth potential by making it more competitive.

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Irantile main source of supply is its own quarries. This clearly distinguishes it from other companies and enables it to guarantee rapid supply of Natural Stone for large projects.
It has more than 13 marble which are provided from Iran, which is located in Kerman and other stone quarries distributed

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To become the Middle East leader in the Natural Stone sector so consolidating its leading position as well as maximizing its growth potential by adding to its wide range of products with other solutions in solid surfaces.

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