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In the way of our mission, Irantile uses most applicable and technical stone industries machineries, which is manufactured by most famous corresponded companies in the world such as Pedrini and Montrasor. Irantile’s facilities are equipped with the latest generation of technology thanks to its large investments in this area. This allows the best and fastest solutions to the needs of every one of its customers. Its production processes are subject to exhaustive checks to guarantee the highest quality of its finished materials.

  • Pedrini
Irantile’s slab line is provided from Pedrini Company: PEDRINI is known worldwide for having industrialized - first in the world - the cutting, polishing and side finishing technologies of standard elements named as "modulmarble". Loyal to its tradition, PEDRINI produces the most complete range of machines and lines for slabs and modular elements, able to solve the cutting, polishing, resining, finishing and handling problems.
The unit that Irantile owns is involves: Cutting, Polishing, Gauging, Chamfering, Squaring, Cross cutting, Milling, Shaping
  • Montrasor
Montrasor has powerful technical background for more than 70 years but in 50 recent years this team are focused on the manufacturing of edge polishing machines.
These machines are continuously modernized by the most up-to-date technology and they are all over the world, where edge polishers has meant MONTRESOR all the time.
The range of edge polishers Montresor comprises 3 technologically different series of machines. This allows to satisfy the most different needs in the field of marble, granite, stone and porcelain. In this way the most diversified needs in the stone field can be satisfied.