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  • Marbles

This metamorphic rock, formed initially from the crystallization of limestone, is perfectly suited to interiors due to its light and warmth and also its strength, shine and durability. The various processes of pressure and crystallization this material is subjected to, create a wide range of tones with different veining and flecks transforming it into a quality material which can easily be adapted to the needs of every project.

  • Travertines

Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed mainly from calcium carbonate and originating millions of years ago from deposits from rivers and mineral springs which give it a unique and timeless beauty. We find the first examples of the durability and magnificent decorative qualities of this Natural Stone in ancient Rome, where the monuments and churches were built with travertines. They have resisted the passing of time and still retain their elegance and majesty today. Nowadays travertine is widely used in commercial spaces, work centers and residential areas because of their suitability for pavings and floors and wall coverings. It is also becoming increasingly popular for use in bathrooms.

  • Carpet Design

Irantile’s Carpet design, as main product of Sadaf Sang quarry has been awarded the quality mark as it has been extracted from the Sadaf Sang quarry, one of the Iran’s biggest working cream marble quarries. Its chromatic richness, its shine, its unsurpassable physical qualities and resistance to impact, combined with a low coefficient of water absorption, make it the preferred choice for architects and interior designers when choosing this type of Natural Stone.

  • Countertops

Irantile’s carefully selected range of kitchen countertops offers every consumer the ideal solution and fulfils their highest expectations of originality, exoticism, colors, beauty, durability and functionality. A wide collection of materials of different colors developed with the latest technology which results in the most resistant Natural Stone for countertops of the materials.

  • Exteriors

Irantile offers you the most original materials for paving and cladding. Their unsurpassable physical characteristics, both their hardness and low porosity, make them ideal for use on exterior surfaces. Materials like granite, limestones and sandstones display magnificent aesthetic qualities and are one of the best options for decorating facades, terraces and swimming pool areas. Irantile also offers an extensive variety of materials with different finishes and textures which can be used for walls and floors, and gives excellent results for the whole decor.

  • Interiors

Irantile has an extensive range of products which provide ground-breaking new possibilities for creating interiors. These include Natural Stones in several different finishes and sizes which can be used in original, different and cutting-edge solutions. Irantile has also become involved in the latest trends in interior design with its new generation of claddings, pavings and floorings, such as TECHLAM®, the ceramic product, which can be used in so many different applications. The quality and versatility of Irantile materials enable them to create unique and exclusive environments, which are both stylish and distinctive.